Livraison au Maroc uniquement!

Harrell, Richard S : A Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic / Georgetown University Press 1965

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Broché de :395( 15 x 23 cm)
This book could be an excellent introduction to Moroccan Arabic, but it suffers from a few flaws. The main flaw is the author’s rather odd method of transliteration (i.e. using English letters to represent Arabic script). His method is rather confusing and differs from the one that is more commonly used when dealing with Arabic. If one does not already have a general knowledge of the Arabic language, its sounds, and even some vocabulary, one would be at a loss to make sense of the transliteration (i.e. using an “z” to represent the Arabic equivalent of “j” and other such oddities). However, once you’ve learned how to decipher the cryptic transliteration, the book can be rather useful.

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